Living Here Health Care Foyer Notre Dame
The Foyer Notre Dame is an accredited 60-bed personal care home that provides continuous quality client care and service in both official languages. Its health care team is composed of physicians, nurses, a social worker, a registered psychiatric nurse, an occupational therapist, a recreation worker, a dietitian and a large support staff.
Other services such as foot care, hairdressing, companion and clothing sales are available.
Residents may access the spiritual care and guidance of their choice. In addition to these various services, the Foyer also operates an Alzheimer Unit.

At the Foyer, programs are designed to meet particular needs and abilities. Each resident is unique and deserving of individual attention. Currently, there are 170 staff working at the Foyer Notre Dame and nearby Notre Dame Hospital.
Contact information:
Foyer Notre-Dame 
Box 190, 40 Rogers Street
Notre Dame de Lourdes MB R0G 1M0
Marcie Dupasquier, Client Services Manager
Tel.: 204-248-2092
Fax: 204-248-2499