Living Here Health Care Centre Albert Galliot
The community of Notre Dame had been planning for the renewal of its healthcare infrastructure since 1980; in 2007 the Centre Albert-Galliot wellness centre was officially opened.
Distinctive of the program is its location in the heart of a Francophone population centre and hence provides services in French and English. In Manitoba there are several Francophone centres that provide comprehensive primary health care services and programs in French and English.
Centre Albert-Galliot aims to improve access to primary health care and social services in the
French language to the Francophone population living in Regional Health Authority (RHA) Southern Health region. The project has two components – human resources and the physical location needed to accommodate those human resources.

The Lourdéon Community Development Corporation (CDC Lourdéon) administers the operations of the wellness centre in partnership with RHA Southern Health. All work together to make this project a success.
The Centre Albert Galliot was built in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, taking into account the existing structures as well as the RHA and the Lourdéon CDC long term plans.

Functions accommodated
Medical clinic
Library/Resource Centre
Physiotherapy/occupational therapy
Mental Health
Dental services
Home Care
Public Health
Administrative areas
Exercise room
Massage Therapy

By including services under one roof, these primary care givers will reinforce the need to address the determinants of health as one unit in order to achieve "Board Ends, a Healthy Community”.