Living Here Housing Place des pionniers 55+ Lease Housing
Place des pionniers - a 55 plus Life Lease Housing, is rural living at its best!

Frequently asked questions:

What is a life lease?
A life lease is a specific kind of written tenancy agreement. Under a life lease, a tenant
pays an entrance fee for a rental unit. A life lease can be for the life of the tenant or for a specific term (for example: 50 years). The tenant also pays rent each month. The amount of rent will vary depending on how much entrance fee the tenant paid and their proportionate share of operating costs.

What does the tenant have to pay to enter into a life lease?
The landlord will probably require the tenant to pay an entrance fee. If the complex is still in the planning or building stage, the landlord may ask the tenant to pay a  pre-lease payment in addition to the entrance fee. A tenant may also have to pay a security deposit

What is a refund fund?
A refund fund is a fund the landlord sets up to refund entrance fees when tenancies end.

Is a landlord required to have a refund fund?
For a new life lease complex, if the entrance fees are refundable, the landlord must have a refund fund.

If an entrance fee is refundable, when does the landlord have to refund it to the tenant? A tenant is entitled to be paid the refundable portion of their entrance fee. The refund  is to be paid after the tenant's priority date as soon as funds are available from the refund fund. The tenant may be entitled to the refund sooner if the life lease agreement says so.

Costs Comparison (averaged costs)

Costs of private house 2010

Taxes - $1,200.00
Water - $400.00
Electricity - $2,400.00
Insurance - $700.00
Yard Maintenance - $600.00
Maintenance, repairs, appliances - $2,600.00

Total - $7,900.00

Monthly - $65

Value of house: $120,000
Minus deposit: $40,000
$80M000 X 4.3% Interest - $3,440
Rent: 900-287 = $613

Private: $658 / Month
55+: $613 / Month
Difference: $45 / Month

From water and sewage to garbage pick-up and a 20-member volunteer fire brigade, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes assures its citizens receive quality municipal services in both official languages, while preserving the village's affordable cost of living.
The community's hospital, clinic, health specialists and volunteer ambulance service have made the village an important health care centre. In addition, the Foyer Notre-Dame, a personal care home, offers extended care services for the area.
Outside of school and work, there are many chances to socialize. A church, community hall, sports arena complex and several member-based organizations give residents opportunity to participate and get to know one another, making for a close-knit and safe community.

Locally, there are several attractions to explore: the Pioneers and Chanoinesses
Museum, as well as the statue of village founder, Dom Paul Benoît, the Sisters of the Savior Monument and the Notre-Dame Grotto.

Our features include large bright 2 bedroom units, in-suite laundry, 3 season room and attached garage. Enjoy our no-step entry, one story living, wide doorways, wide hallways, good lighting, lever door handles and rocker light switches, great for people with poor hand strength or physical disabilities,

Each unit boasts 988sq. feet of living space complemented by a 140sq foot three season room. The attached garage is a spacious 350sq. foot area with ample parking space and storage. Every unit has individual temperature control, central vacuum, central air and five appliances.

Physical Advantages of Place des Pionniers
  • Central location

  • No stairs, no carpet

  • Insulated garage

  • Individual 3-season room

  • Heat, hydro and water included

  • No maintenance

  • Grass cutting provided

  • Snow clearing provided

  • Closed neighbourhood

  • Personal safety

  • Next to wellness centre

  • Near walking trail

  • Supervision provided for extended absences

  • Immediate refund

  • Visitor Parking

  • Paved street

  • Extra wide bathroom

  • Large pantry

  • Box gardens

  • Gated neighbourhood

  • 3-season room

  • Central vacuum

  • Individual temperature controlled suites