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Birch ski area is located a few kilometers from Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. It is a beautiful green valley filled with oaks and aspens. It is a real gem of nature

Birch ski area is the ideal location for all the nature lovers out there. Countless trails cross the forest to offer exceptional mountain biking experiences.

There is currently 40 kms of trail for all levels of cyclists. There are also walking trails available. All these trails make it that you shouldn't ride the same trail all day!

In 1999, Birch ski area was chosen as the official site for cycling for the Pan-Am Games.
Many out-of towners make the trek to Birch Ski area to cycle in summer or cross country ski in winter.

Every September, all the local schools are invited to participate in a cycling competition.
In a warm environment the kids are grouped into teams and compete on different courses bases on their capacities and ages.
This event is organized by Birch Mountain Sports whose primary goal is to promote year-long sporting activities in the Birch area. Every year, approximately 150 students participate in this fun filled event.

Conditions for using the Birch cycling trails:
  • Birch area is located on private land with strict rules for cycling.

  • Prior to using the trails, a license must be obtained from the Manitoba Cycling association to permit you to use the trails.

  • Once you are at Birch Ski area you must place your permit in your vehicle for safety reasons.

For more information regarding these trails contact:

Victor Chappellaz